Products & Services

– Cleanroom Consumable Items – ESD Products,Equipment and Workbench

– Office Renovation/ Reinstatement, Furniture 

– Adhesives, Soldering Material and Chemical 

– PPE & Disposable Items/ Packaging Materials 

Our consumable products are compliance to RoHs directory. We provide product specification, test report and certificate of conformance. If you need help or require consultation, for a specific project or job, get in touch with us and a consultant will be happy to help you.


– LED Magnifying Lamp with Dimmer Control          – Soldering & De-soldering Station 

– Fluid/ Adhesive Dispenser                                                – Desktop Robotic System & Cleaning Equipment 

Our equipment are some of our best selling items, and they come fully equipped with all parts, warranty, and ready to use right after purchase. Our clients really appreciate the fact our products only top quality, carefully selected by our team, are always ready to use the moment they buy. Not sure which one is right for you? Give us a call and an expert will assist you with all doubts.


After Market

UL Approval, RoHs Compliance and ESD Volume resistivity 1.1E+12 Ω.cm, Hybrid, Hi-Temp & chemical resistance  

– Loctite, Hysol, Multicore, Technomelt etc….

– Cemedine 

– Hernon 

– Dow Corning 

– Araldite 

– Permatex & Other brands 


Packaging material

Recycle material, Good quality, Cost saving and Low cost usage.  

– Hand roll stretch film (White & Black) 

– OPP tape : 1″ to 3″ width x 20m to 90m length

– Kapton tape 

– Masking Tape 

– Bubble bag

– Anti-shielding bag 

– Carton box 

ESD Magnifying Lamp BLack

Energy & Cost Saving Equipment

– ESD LED Magnifying Lamp with Dimmer function,

– RoHs Compliance with CE mark,

– Tribo Charge < 10v,

– Surface Resistivity = 10E6 ~ 10E9 Ohms,

– Compliance to ANSI/ ESD 20.20 standard

– 1 year warranty.  

ESD Item

Anti-Static Device (ESD)

ESD Safe,  Static Dissipative, Surface Resistance 10^6 ~ 10^11 Ω, Fast Decay time, 

– Soldering & De-soldering station

– ESD Low & High chair

– ESD Foam & Polyester Swabs 

– ESD Stationery 

– ESD Rubber Table mat 

– Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank 



Fluid/ Adhesive Dispenser

Semi-Auto, Precision, Accuracy and Consistency 

– Analogue & Digital dispensing 

– Fully automatic dispensing with Robotic 

– 2K Dispensing solution (3M, Hysol, Araldite) 

– Downloading barrel system (300ml) 

– Improvised Dispensing solutions 

ESD Anti-fatigue Standing Mat

ESD Ergonomic Standing Mat

– 100% PU Rubber,

– Surface Resistivity 10E5 ~ 10E8 Ohms,

– Germ proof, Oil & Chemical resistance,

– Reduce Fatigue, high shock absorption, Anti-Slip, Easy maintenance,

– Various sizes and dimension